spark award/ASRP competition ~ apply by December 5th/14 ~ events

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The 2015 Alzheimer Society Research Program call for applications is open and once again the Firefly Spark Award will fund one post doctoral award valued at $100,000. ($50,000/year, for two [...]


olivia ly ~ 2014 brain bee competitor ~ celebrating bright minds

Olivia Ly

The brain has always been a source of fascination, first for the prehistoric man, then the ancient philosopher, and later for the 20th century researcher. A rich and complex organ – and perhaps one [...]


our first symposium on the brain, from Kay’s point of view ~ new

Kay Wu

On April 10th, 2014, aspiring students of all grades, teachers, and staff of the University of Toronto Schools attended the Alzheimer Society of Canada and Firefly Symposium on the Brain. The [...]